Sonntag, 27. April 2014

 Ancient Kurdish (Median) village/city: Doliche

30-40 thousand years ago people used stone tools, Heritage underground temple, splendid rock tombs, the continued removal of rock blocks on the size of the stone quarries is like an open-air museum. Doliche which is the holiest city of the Kurdish Hittites (Medes) since the Byzantine era with the archdiocese moved to Zeugma in the 7th century religious center position is lost. From this date, a new city that was founded around the Gaziantep (Kurdish: Dîlok or Ayntap) Kurdish Castle (Median) Ayintap Dolikh began to take the place of the city and eventually became a village Ayintap. Finds in Tell Doliche include stone tools from 30-40 thousand years ago. The so-called Dulicien culture is Neolithic. Other finds in Doliche are an underground Kurdish Mithraic temple , rock graves, and stone quarries from which giant rock blocks are produced. During the Hittite period, it was a stop on the road connecting the Mediterranean to Mesopotamia. It was also a religious center. The sanctuary of the Hittite god Teshub was just at the north of the village

The history of Gaziantep goes back to the Kurdish Medians: Hittites, Mitannis, Hittites, Neo-Hittites, Urartians, Babylonians, Parthians, Commagene (KomaGelê), Sassanids.

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